In the rapidly evolving landscape of talent acquisition, staying abreast of technological advancements is imperative. As AI continues to reshape recruitment processes, professionals must adapt to remain competitive. These webinars serve as beacons of knowledge, guiding talent acquisition experts through the intricacies of AI integration, from sourcing to onboarding. Let’s delve deeper into each platform, offering insights and expertise to fuel your journey towards transformative recruitment practices.

LinkedIn Webinars: 

Navigate the complexities of talent acquisition with LinkedIn’s immersive webinars, blending AI insights with practical strategies. From leveraging AI algorithms to optimize job postings to utilizing predictive analytics for talent forecasting, these sessions empower professionals to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn’s platform. Click to access webinars

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management): 

Embark on a journey of AI discovery with SHRM’s thought-provoking webinars, exploring its impact on talent acquisition. Delve into ethical considerations surrounding AI implementation, leverage predictive analytics to identify high-potential candidates, and enhance diversity initiatives through AI-driven recruitment strategies. Click to access webinars 

Uncover the transformative power of AI in talent acquisition through’s comprehensive webinar series. From AI-driven candidate screening to chatbot-assisted candidate engagement, these sessions offer actionable insights to revolutionize your recruitment approach. Engage with industry experts and peers to navigate the nuances of AI adoption in HR. Click to access webinars 

Elevate your recruitment game with’s cutting-edge webinars, demystifying AI’s role in sourcing and candidate engagement. Explore the intersection of AI and employer branding, harness machine learning algorithms to optimize candidate matching, and personalize the recruitment journey with AI-driven chatbots. Click to access webinars

ERE (ERE Media): 

Stay ahead of the curve with ERE’s forward-thinking webinars, illuminating AI’s potential in talent acquisition. Discover innovative strategies for leveraging AI in talent sourcing, candidate assessment, and employer branding, guided by industry experts and practitioners. Unleash the power of data-driven decision-making to drive recruitment success. Click to access webinars


Journey into the realm of programmatic job advertising and recruitment marketing with Joveo’s insightful webinars. From harnessing AI for targeted candidate outreach to optimizing ad placements for maximum impact, these sessions offer practical guidance to amplify your recruitment efforts. Engage with peers and industry leaders to stay at the forefront of recruitment innovation. Click to access webinars

Talent Acquisition Week: 

Immerse yourself in a week of learning and discovery with Talent Acquisition Week’s comprehensive webinars and workshops. This comprehensive workshop series, taking place on February 14th, March 14th, April 16th, May 13th, and June 17th, offers a deep dive into emerging legislation impacting talent acquisition and employment. Led by industry experts Andrew Gadomski and Brittany Goren, attendees will explore critical topics such as the use of AI, wage parity, and workforce performance. Each session includes interactive questioning and a risk assessment section, with participants receiving personalized risk assessment results upon completion. From analyzing vulnerabilities related to AI usage to addressing pay equity concerns, this series is tailored for employers, recruiters, sourcers, and all involved in talent attraction and employment. Register for all five sessions for just $95 to stay compliant and informed in today’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Gain actionable insights to drive recruitment success in the digital age. Click to register of virtual workshop series


Revolutionize your hiring process with HireVue’s cutting-edge webinars on AI-driven video interviewing and candidate assessment. Explore the science behind AI algorithms, learn how to mitigate bias in recruitment, and create exceptional candidate experiences through technology-driven innovation. Elevate your hiring game with insights from industry leaders and experts. Click to access webinars

Greenhouse Webinars: 

Unlock the potential of AI in talent acquisition with Greenhouse’s insightful webinar series. From leveraging AI for data-driven decision-making to implementing inclusive hiring practices, these sessions offer practical strategies to optimize your recruitment workflow. Explore emerging trends and best practices to stay ahead in the competitive talent market. Click to access webinars

Workable Webinars: 

Dive into the future of recruitment with Workable dynamic webinar series, exploring AI’s impact on candidate sourcing, assessment, and selection. Discover AI-powered tools and technologies to streamline your recruitment process, foster diversity and inclusion, and deliver exceptional candidate experiences. Join the conversation and shape the future of talent acquisition. Click to access webinars

Recruiting Daily: 

Stay informed and inspired with Recruiting Daily’s thought-provoking webinars on AI in talent acquisition. Explore emerging trends, best practices, and case studies showcasing AI’s transformative potential in recruitment. Engage with industry leaders and peers to stay ahead in the ever-evolving recruitment landscape. Click to access webinars


In the era of AI-driven talent acquisition, these top 10 webinars offer invaluable insights and strategies for professionals looking to stay ahead in recruitment. From LinkedIn’s practical approaches to SHRM’s ethical considerations, each platform provides a wealth of knowledge to empower recruiters and HR professionals. Whether it’s optimizing candidate matching with or exploring data-driven decision-making with ERE, these webinars pave the way for transformative recruitment practices. Embrace the future of talent acquisition by engaging with these thought-provoking sessions and leveraging AI to revolutionize your recruitment approach.


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