Generative AI is identified as a significant trend impacting the staffing industry this year. Research conducted by SIA suggests that experts predict that AI will take over about 39% of recruiting tasks within the next three years. Generative AI will also be a key topic at the upcoming Executive Forum in North America.

SIA’s Staffing Trends 2024 report suggests that AI will enhance the experience for candidates, internal staff, and clients, potentially leading to a blend of permanent and temporary work known as “fractionalized work.” This could result in substantial long-term growth and opportunity for the industry.

A recent SIA Pulse survey indicates that staffing firms see AI as beneficial for their operations. AI could be used for tasks such as writing emails, creating job descriptions, and automating various processes.

Despite the potential benefits, there are also concerns. A survey by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, found that 26% of US workers are worried about AI’s role in hiring and promotions, with an additional 45% expressing some level of concern.

AI’s impact is not limited to staffing; it affects all industries. For example, Apple Inc. recently shifted its focus from developing an electric car to investing in generative AI.

SIA’s Executive Forum North America will feature a panel discussion titled “AI and More: The Hype and the Hope of New Technology” on March 26. Led by John Nurthen, SIA’s executive director of global research, the panel will explore AI and other technologies such as blockchain, the metaverse, the Internet of Things, and 6G.

“Staffing firms are challenged more than ever by the latest technology developments,” Nurthen said. “New tech, new tools, and improvements to established tools have left staffing executives trying to make sense of a confusing and fast-evolving ecosystem. Through our latest research and events, SIA is stepping up to elevate industry knowledge on these vital issues. While this is a time of great opportunity, it is not without risk.”

Additionally, SIA will host a Staffing Tech Summit on March 25, just before the conference, focusing on technology-related topics ranging from tech stacks to cybersecurity to AI.


Generative AI is a significant trend in the staffing industry for 2024, according to SIA. Experts predict AI will handle 39% of recruiting tasks in the next three years. AI’s impact extends beyond staffing, affecting industries like Apple Inc., which is investing in generative AI. While AI offers benefits like improved candidate experiences, there are concerns among US workers about its role in hiring and promotions. SIA’s Executive Forum will discuss AI’s hype and hope, along with other technologies like blockchain and the meta verse.



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